Our Story

Behind the Scenes

Sasha, Cody, Lola and Merlin were all born in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee in the midst of the Great Smoky Mountains. All but Merlin have lived most of their lives in Houston, Texas. We knew Pigeon Forge was the perfect tourist city to open an interactive photo studio and moved here to make this our home right at two years ago. Shortly after moving here, Merlin, who is Lola’s full-blooded baby brother was born and joined our family.

Sasha, is a female New World Primate Tufted Capuchin monkey, native to South America and the Caribbean islands of Trinidad and Margarita. She was born on December 21, 2008. Capuchins are extremely curious and social animals and love to interact with new people for a short period of time. The Tufted Capuchin gained notoriety in many movies and has even been recreated in CGI for more recent movies.

Cody is a male New World Primate White-Throated Capuchin native to Central America, especially Costa Rica. He was born May 17, 2009. The White-Throated Capuchin is the smarted of the new world monkeys, with a physical brain bigger than many animals two to three times their size.

Lola is a female New World Primate White-Throated Capuchin born June 1, 2019. Merlin, her actual baby brother was born December 28, 2020. Sasha took on the role of mother for both and did everything except feed them.

Capuchins are amazing mammals with an average lifespan of 40-50 years. They have an IQ of 2–3-year-olds and require more attention than any other pet.

Oscar and Glinda are our Asian Small Clawed Otters. They are one of 13 different otter species and are native to parts of India and Southeast Asia. Because of loss of habitat, pollution and hunting they are now considered vulnerable. Unlike other otter species they do not live in the water, but can be found near rivers, ponds and marshes. They hunt in water and near the shoreline and enjoy playing in the water.

One of the most important members of our team was rescued (lol) from a pet store in Mc Allen, Texas. While traveling we met Max while he was working for a pet store and he has now been with us for over two years and is very integral in keeping everything running smoothly.

What people say about us

We were blessed to meet these precious Monkey’s while there on our Honeymoon. Such a great experience learning about them & interacting with them. A must if you love animals as we do ????


I love this place! I especially love the 4 sweet monkeys that make this a special place to visit. Robert and Max take exceptional care of the monkeys as well as 2 birds. They are also personable and fun to visit with. I would give 5000 stars if that were possible. 5 stars do not do them the praise they deserve. This is the best business in Pigeon Forge period!!!


Me and my fiancé had the best time!!! We did the 20 minute interaction with Sasha, Cody, Merlin, and Lola. They were incredible and so fun to be around! The owners were so nice and taught us so many things! We will be coming back again and again for years to come!


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